Thunder Audio supports Faith Family Church with a new L-Acoustics KARA(i) Sound System

Thunder Audio spent some time in Victoria, Texas this summer. Greg Snyder, Thunder's Business development manager and senior design engineer with his team installed a new KARA(i) sound system into Faith Family Church. Jeff Wilshaw whom has been with the church for a little over a year and has been a long time Thunder Audio supporter and friend contacted us in March to discuss ideas for a new L-Acoustics audio system solution Greg said. “This was an easy choice supporting the L-Acoustics product line for Jeff. He and I have been installing L-Acoustics into churches for a long time and the results are always stellar”. With the introduction of K2 and review of the whole install line a KARA(i) system was selected. 3 hangs of 9 KARA(i) with 2 SB18i subs in each hang would do the job. Included would be four SB28 ground subs and 8- 112P Powered wedges and a pair of 108P speakers. The initial layouts were done by Jeff in Soundvision and then L-Acoustics design team did the final modeling and confirmation as to the complete the design and predict the acoustical results.

Part of the church’s design criteria  overview presented was a 13-year-old system that was having multiple driver issues, that finally forced a decision to be made, either replacing the drivers in the old PA or purchasing a new one.  The old system placed more energy into area’s that did not need the coverage vs. the seats in the house that did. We needed a PA that would cover every seat in the house with a soft-spoken person, and we needed a PA that could be nimble, allow for emotion to be felt in the seats as well as be extremely responsive in soft-spoken scenarios to hard driving worship environments. We needed a PA that had very strict pattern control in order to control unwanted energy in non-seating areas. KARA(i) was able to give us this.
Thunder Audio has been providing system integration for the last 35 years. We support permanently installed systems and seasonal system installs to a wide variety of clients for sporting facilities, house of worship and entertainment facilities. Greg Snyder presented the L-Acoustics direction after Thunder Audio had just purchased its new K1/K2 system for their touring Inventory and has been extremely pleased with the relationship and the results of L-Acoustics products. “I have been using L-Acoustics since 1998, and I can always guarantee great results with this product line to our customers” quoted Greg.

Greg’s team arrived in Victoria on Sunday afternoon and by Tuesday morning had completely removed the existing system, built the new system and had it installed. Jeff’s team at the church had prewired and handled all terminations and Greg had pre-engineered the system placement between AutoCad and Soundvision plots and prints so when they started Sunday night after service, they had a complete plan already together. Thunders rigging team was able to move all of the existing points and add the additional points for a 7:1 safety ratio install! “We had a strong plan and everyone was on time and ready. We cannot miss a service when we are doing House of Worship projects. We have a small window to get the project done before the Church has its next service, and I always hit those time frames!” quoted Greg. The following week, after completion and the initial tuning, L-Acoustics Andre Pichette arrived for final commissioning. The system was complete and the results are exactly as predicted and promised.

The senior pastor commented, “we are a multigenerational congregation, but lean and young and the new system allows us to accomplish the task of clear, concise, intelligible sound to every seat in the sanctuary”.

As a direct result of installing this new system, our gain before feedback increased by 18db on our teaching pastor’s mic element commented Jeff, and our congregation has made statements to me such as, “The most predictable sound system I have ever mixed on” Volunteer engineer at FFC. “The only sound system in 17 years that Pastor sounds like Pastor thru it” stated the church’s original sound engineer from day 1. “We truly have a sound system that is capable of pushing a soft-spoken person over the band very easily”. An 80 Year Old Congregant on volume “I don’t mind it loud, I don’t want the shriek and you have accomplished this, best sound system I have ever heard at 104db”!

When asked what Jeff Wilshaw, Technical Production Manager of Faith Family Church thought about the end result, he told us “This is the most natural sounding system I have ever used”! In addition “The cleanest, easiest install I have ever been a part of; it was a painless experience from the design process thru the commissioning process, communication was so great and timely”.
Jeff wanted to send a special thanks to Bob Owens for his acoustical recommendations in making our space “sing” and a special thanks to Greg Snyder from Thunder Audio for his tenacity and simply doing the job right from the get go! I cannot thank you enough for challenging me, asking great questions, and helping me to think out of the box on every little detail. I consider it an honor and a privilege to consider you a friend and colleague!