On The Road With Universoul Circus 2014

Thunder Audio is on the road with the Universoul Circus for it's 4rd year. Since 2011 Thunder has been providing the audio system for the Universoul Circus.

This year the circus has taken out two systems. They are utilizing Thunder's NEXO Alpha system. The system consists of a combination of M3's, M8's and B115 clusters distributed in the round. Powered by Crown MA series amplifiers and NEXO NX242 processors, the system provides a power packed full range sound. Supported by 8 NEXO S2 dual 18" high power subwoofers again powered by Crown MA series amplifiers and NEXO NX242 processors. This system fills the seating area well and is designed to support full range music, hand held and headset microphones and video playback. The systems console is by Midas and all wireless is Shure UHFR.