New Years Eve With Skrillex In Auburn Hills

New Years Eve 2013 was a big night at the Palace of Auburn Hills Michigan. A version of the Electronic Music Festival rode into the palace to bring the new year in with a mighty bang. Crushing bass and a clear punch took your breath away and was felt in every seat of the venue. Twelve thousand fans showed up to hear Skrillex bring in the new year. Co-headlining the show was Boys Noize.

The system consisted of 32 JBL VTX25 full range line array speakers flown in two arrays of 16 left and right. To the outside of the mains were a cluster of eight of the new JBL VTXS28 dual 18” subwoofers. The system was powered by 48 Crown Itech 12KHD power amplifiers. Packaged in Thunder Audio’s 16 space amplifier racks utilizing a digital V-Drive system. The system is driven by all AES inputs and controlled with HiQnets Performance Manager. FOH utilized a Midas Pro 9 and AVID Profile for monitors. The amazing, tight, deep sub-lows were enhanced by 18 additional RCF TT56 Dual 21” ground subs. In addition, 12 Meyer Mica were flown as outfills left and right. The system crushed this arena with clarity and punch.