Donny and Marie Christmas Tour 2013

Thunder Audio is hitting the road with Donny and Marie to support their Christmas Tour. Thunder is deploying their JBL VTX25 system with VTXS28 subwoofers and VTX25 center cluster. The system is driven by all Crown Itech 12KHD amplifiers. The system is broken up as 2 hangs of 14 VTX25 as Mains, 2 hangs of 9 VTX25 as outfill, 2 Hangs of 6 VTXS28 subwoofers and a center cluster of 4 VTX25. On the ground we have 6 VTXS28 subwoofers per side and 4 JBL VT4888 front fill cabinets.

FOH engineer Rico Corrubia is using a Soundcraft VI6 with an ADK Audio Tracker recording system for archiving the shows. Joe Webster is using a Yamaha PM5DRH console in Monitors. He is driving Sennheiser EW300 G3 IEM systems and using JBLVTX25 speakers as sidefills driven by Crown 12KHD power amplifiers.

The systems engineer Jon Winkler is very familiar with the operation and deployment of this system. Well versed in LAC and performance manager, Jon's keen ear is what really helps tune this system in. Ron Hurd is heading up monitor world and the stage and managing all wireless systems. Paul Villarreal is charged with getting the system up in the air each day and then moves to support Ron on stage and in the monitor world. "We have a great team out there and feel very confident in their ability to support this tour. They have a great work ethic and complement each other on abilities and strengths.", comments Greg Snyder, Thunder Audio's Project Engineer for this tour.